The Nolan TrilogyTumbler and Justice League Batmobile For Sale in Dubai

Both the Nolan trilogy Tumbler Batmobile and the Justice League model for sale

Updated January 1, 2018

Aside from buying entire movie sets and locations, buying featured vehicles is the most expensive way to show fandom. Taking home one of these unique creations is not going to be cheap, to say the least. However, if you need to show the world you love Batman, a Nolan trilogy Batmobile and its Justice League counterpart are up for sale. They’re both listed in Dubai of all places and, due to their rarity and cool factor, we have no doubt they will sell.

Two Batmobile Models For Sale in Dubai

The more compact version is seen in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, as well as The Dark Knight Rises. The seller claims that this is the only one in the world but that seems questionable. The film crew themselves talked about how there were five working models built for the movies. Where the other four disappeared to is anyone’s guess but at least one Tumbler Batmobile is up for sale.

Form and Function in the Tumbler Batmobile

For the bargain basement asking price there’s more than just an interesting conversation piece. Under an exterior built mostly from carbon fiber panels is a steel box frame. The power to get this large but surprisingly light car moving is a V8 LS1 originally meant for a Corvette. The power gets to the wheels through a six speed automatic transmission which sounds like it would be a rather smooth ride.

On the inside, light weight carbon fiber is the name of the game but there are also additional comfort items. Bluetooth connectivity and four screens connected to eight exterior cameras allow the driver to interact with the world around them. Brightening up the inside of the black on black color scheme are LED cabin lights while eight ‘headlights’ mark the exterior.

All Show, No Go for the Justice League Batmobile

Here we move from working model to the ‘all show, no go’ of the Justice League version of the Batmobile. The longer and slimmer, as well as weapon covered JL model comes with no powertrain. This may make the newer car a project piece or maybe just a lawn ornament to scare the mailman.

The listing for these cars is a confusing one with two different asking prices marked for the Batmobile pair. The first works out to about $705,000USD while the second comes in around $460,000USD. This may be a case of an increased price to separate a pair of items that are intended to move as one. We may never know because, during the writing of this article, the listing became temporarily unviewable. While we wait for it to come back, let us know what you think of these unique vehicles as well as the asking price in the comments.


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