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The Polaris Slingshot Is “Not A Bike” According To Two More States

A recent reclassification of licensing requirements in two more states firmly cements the popular opinion that the Polaris Slingshot it “not” a motorcycle.

Wyoming and Colorado have successfully redefined their licensing requirements for the . Now, according to the law in those two states, Polaris Slingshot owners will no longer require a motorcycle endorsement of license, but they’ll need a valid driver’s license if they want to continue operating the autocycle.

This isn’t a particularly new thing, but with Wyoming and Colorado reclassifying the machine, the total number of states that insist that the Polaris Slingshot is not a motorcycle rises to 30, including the District of Columbia.

The Polaris Slingshot: Bike? Car? Three Wheeled Moto-Roadster?

When the , the three-wheeler was classified a motorcycle across all 50 states, requiring that the operator was in possession of a motorcycle endorsement or license. However, over the years more states have redefined the nature of the beast, and now the vast majority of states require only a valid driver’s license instead.

Local governments have had a hard time trying to identify exactly what the Slingshot is. For a start, it’s not a motorcycle if you’re looking at the conventional definition: it features an open cockpit but it comes with side by side seating, and an inverse wheel configuration to the more typical trike.

Polaris made matters even more complicated by defining it as a “” which was painfully unhelpful to the bureaucrats, paper pushers and law makers. When the Slingshot was first introduced, if they’d just called it either a “motorcycle” or a “three wheeled car” then perhaps it wouldn’t have given governments such a headache. But fast forward three years, and it seems like it’s all going to fall into place eventually.

The hope is that the remaining states that still require the motorcycle license or endorsement will fall into line to help nationwide conformity. It would be annoying to drive from one state to another and get pulled by the cops for not having the right documentation.

Here’s what Rachael Elia, the Marketing Manager of the Slingshot, had to say: “As we educate state officials on the unique attributes of this category-creating Slingshot, they are realizing that the licensing requirement for the roadster are more similar to that of a driver’s license than of a motorcycle endorsement or license. Our goal is to gain a unified classification across the country to provide more opportunity and driving freedom for consumers looking for the ultimate thrill experience.”

Regardless of the new classification, be warned that operators of the Polaris Slingshot under the age of 18 will still be required to wear a helmet, in accordance with their local state law.


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