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The REV’IT! #95 – Two Wheel Drive

KTM and REV’IT! take two-wheel drive to the next level!

Two-wheel drive motorcycle technology has come a long way in the last few years but surprisingly, it hasn’t really caught on. Sure, it’s an expensive customization that few can afford but if you’re looking to tackle the trails, why not consider something like this?

Here we have a rather special project, from REV’IT! and KTM. It’s a KTM 950 Super Enduro, a large bike for sure but add power to the front wheel and you’ll have no trouble pushing the heavy machine out of whatever hole you’ve got stuck in.

REV’IT!’s Gerbrandt Aarts teamed up with engineer Chris Cosentino, bike builder Scott Kolb and custom bike enthusiast Gregor Halenda to produce this one-off behemoth. Using the All Wheel Drive system from military contractor Christini Technologies, this two-wheel drive machine is a cut above some of the others that you may have seen out there.

Compared with a lot of ‘home built’ systems, Christini Technologies have developed a specialist power conversion unit, utilizing drive shafts, gears and countershafts to deliver unparalleled power at the front. The real secret to Christini Technologies’ success is their unique wheel spin sensor that gauges when the rear tyre is spinning faster than the front and engages the front drive accordingly. Even the best homemade jobs require a flick of a switch to do that. And it’s for that reason that the US Military goes to the when they need All Wheel Drive power.

Two-Wheel Drive Tech – From REV’IT! And KTM!

The two-wheel drive system is the attention grabber but let’s not ignore the rest of the build. As you can see, the frame has had a lot of work done to it to keep the custom aluminum body and tank in place; the latter boasts a staggering 45 liter fuel capacity, enough to get wherever you’re going and back. Twice.

The stock carbs have been sorted out with a Keihin 41mm FCR carb kit and they’ve also been treated with Consentino Engineering velocity stacks. With the intake overhauled, the exhaust was also given an upgrade with a new handmade stainless exhaust and Cone Engineering megas.

Moto-Master supplied the new brake assembly, including new discs, calipers and master cylinder. The new stainless steel spoked tires, 19” on the front and 17” on the rear are shod with Twinduro TKC80’s from Continental.

Of course, no custom build is complete without a few finishing touches; this KTM 950 comes with a new Anti-Gravity battery, an LED headlight, taillight and indicators. The tank bags are a nice touch too.

Overall, it’s an aggressive looking off-roader; while it’s not as svelte as it could be at the front, remember that the tank was built to hold a lot of fuel and function always takes precedence over form.

I’ve never ridden a two-wheel drive motorcycle and I’m curious to know whether the concept appeals to hardcore off-road riders. Does the concept take the fun and challenge out of tearing up the dirt? Or is at a practical solution to help make the once unconquerable now conquerable? Let us know in comments!



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