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The Subaru XV Crosstrek

I am in hopes that a Subaru XVT Crosstrek hides in the mix or STI whatever

When I was growing up I had feelings different than others. I knew I was special as I would see women in a different light at a young age. Feelings of passion for women and the need to be with them just pushed me, finally I received word about the Subaru XV Crosstrek and I knew that my lust for this car was going to finally bring me out into the world and admit that I am a lesbian trapped in a man’s body. I love the outdoors and Indian art, dogs and kayaks, watching women kiss each other and especially the Subaru XV. This Impreza on hormone therapy is exactly what I need in my life other than a soul mate that can bench press me. With my love for adventure and music festivals I know that the Subaru is my ticket to fun. Let’s think about all the versatility of this bad girl.

Subaru XV Crosstrek has:

  • Sleek lines and good looks
  • Reliable 2.0L H-4 engine
  • Subaru’s badass symmetrical AWD
  • Wagon/Hatchback for gear
  • Roof long enough to show off a sweet full-rack


 Subaru XVT Crosstrek

The only downside to this vehicle is the amount of power. 148 hp seems a little too low for an AWD 5-door especially with a CVT transmission. So hopefully there will be a later version packing the WRX 265 hp Turbo, or at least the 227 hp 2.5L. Oh boy that would make me gitty like a gay school girl getting accepted to Brown University. With a 265 hp Turbo packing into what would be then a Subaru XVT Crosstrek, I would then be seeing how many rivers I could ford and dirt roads to dominate in this baby. The price for the XV Crosstrek looks to start out at around 20k so this is certainly an affordable alternative for the alternative lifestyle. Hell I might put on a rainbow sticker as soon as I get mine just to show the ladies that I mean business.



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