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The Toroidion 1MW Concept Is An Insane Electric Race Car Which Will Try Endurance Racing

Check this out! Heikki Kovalainen, Mika Häkkinen, Kimi Räikkönen, Marcus Grönholm, Jari Matti Latwala are famous and very successful racing car drivers. Do you know what connects them? They all come from Finland. Actually, you could find a fairly successful or even very successful Finish driver for every letter in alphabet, which means that Finnish citizens are very, very serious when it comes to racing and to motorsports. Then, how come that they have not any serious car manufacturer over there!? Yes, there is a Valmet Automotive who produces for Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Mini, Renault and Bentley, but they certainly lack a full fledged local car manufacturer.

Now, things could change with the car named Toroidion 1MW concept. If you have more than two brain cells than you can figure out that this concept is powered by a 1.341 HP electric engine which means it is probably a supersports car. And yes, you get that right.

Now, take a good look at the thing. It’s different, it’s not Ferrari or Lamborghini like and it still looks almost great. The Finns clearly have taste for creation of the supercars and this one looks much more emotional than you’d thought that people who raised Kimi Raikkonen could ever come up with. However, it certainly draw some of the styling elements form the concept cars of before, but hey, nowadays it is hard to create anything that has not been seen before.

The look of the thing is certainly good enough for the Top Marques Monaco Show where the car was revealed and as only the best stuff is shown there, we have to say that this kind of supercar works for us too.

Looks, however, weren’t the reason why the Finns created the Toroidion 1MW concept. It’s racing of course. The main idea is to create an electric car which will be able to compete on the endurance race such as the 24 hours de Le Mans. You must think that they would have to be 80 percent of the race in the pit stop recharging the batteries of the 1 Megawatt car, but Toridion elegantly said that “The high-capacity battery of the Toroidion powertrain is as easily replaced in the pit-lane as it is in the home garage.” Now, this is something that could work. Remember that Tesla wanted to create a battery swap system and Toroidion thinks the same way for sure.

By creating an electric propulsion system for racing, Toroidion is certainly moving the bar a bit higher. We’ve known about electric supercars such as or the Tesla Model S P85D for a while, but this thing makes everything a bit more interesting once more. Four engines integrated into the wheels (200 kW engines for the front wheels and 300 kW engines for the back wheels) promise performance unmatched by anything else (aside from the nutz ) and the easy swappable battery system clearly is one more thing the buyers will go mental about. Or, would they. This is a concept car, but we are certain that the price of this nicely sculpted, elegantly equipped and biblically fast thing will not be something multimillionaires will like. The target group for this thing are billionaires, sheiks and generally people who do not have much contact with the real world.

Before Toroidion even tries to sell one they have to race it and we can hardly wait for it.

However, Toroidion, as a company started up in 2011 has some other agenda on its mind. The system in the Toroidion 1MW concept can be easily downgraded thus enabling the Finns to install something more sensible into it . Heck, lower the power of the system by factor of four and you are still left with 335 HP. That is the same you get from and that thing is a fast sedan. Therefore, Toroidion might create something less bizarre and still insanely fast, capable and powerful. If this thing turns out to be a success on the race and if Toroidion officials keep at it, they could create something nice and electric. C’mon, we have to stop burning things to move around, it’s so Flintstones.



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