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Thief Gets Beat Down And Held For Arrest Over 1991 Honda Accord

Nobody Steals This Man’s Accord and Gets Away With It

No matter what vehicle you drive, it belongs to you, not some repeat offender thief. Someone forgot to pass the memo along to 29 year old William Ashby of Anderson, California, a convicted burglar. Unfortunately for him, he stole a 1991 Honda Accord belonging to PJ Lachapelle and that wouldn’t go unpunished.

Shortly after the car went missing, the owner put up pictures on Facebook asking friends to keep watch. In this day and age, this is a great way to get more eyes looking for your property. A friend saw the Accord in a parking lot inside of an hour and the owner was on his way. He got there just in time to see the thief pulling away so he followed his own car to try to get it back.

It didn’t take much time for the repeat offender to notice he had company and he made a brief getaway. Apparently his driving skills are on par with his ability to live a clean life and he hit a curb, bringing the Accord to a stop. The two men had a brief verbal exchange and one thing led to another resulting in the owner tackling Ashby.

Lachapelle was able to fight the thief and came out on top, keeping Ashby on the ground until police arrived. This is a successful citizen’s arrest by the rightful owner of the 1991 Honda Accord. When looking into the thief, police found that he was currently on parole for burglary.

The Anderson Police Department has a great write up on the incident on their complete with great advice. They say, “it is generally safer for citizens to contact police prior to engaging criminals.” While that is good advice, they also show praise to the owner for being a good citizen.

Maybe this will finally serve as a lesson to the thief, William Ashby, to stop taking things that don’t belong to him. Even if the target is just a 1991 Honda Accord.

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