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This Corvette Covered 773,000 Miles With An Original V8 And Now It is in A Museum

Important Piece of History And A Tribute To the LS1

Published November 27, 2017

Corvette can do some rather astonishing feats. And the feat one 1999 Corvette C5 pulled off may be the most incredible ever. An owner of the Corvette C5 managed to cover astounding  773,338 miles since he bought the car in Jacksonville, Florida 18 years ago.

corvette c5 773338 miles

As a long time Corvette fan, Mark Blackwell reached high mileage with its previous ‘vettes as well. With the one he had before buying the C5 he managed to cover 342,000 miles. But the C5 is a high-mileage champ.

Vette C5 So Special It’s In A Museum

As far as ‘Vettes go this one may be with the highest number on the gauge. Needing a car for its daily work commute from Georgia to Southern Florida definitely required a car with a high-quality motor. Luckily, trusty 5.7 liter V8 in the Corvette worked flawlessly. Yes, the original motor is still in. Apparently, Blackwell only had to replace the head gasket and that after covering 750,000 miles.

corvette c5 773338 miles

“If any car deserves to be in a museum, it’s this one,” said Blackwell. “For the miles it’s gone and the things it’s done for me.”

Honestly, aside from that (valued at one mil), this one may be the coolest one I have ever found. As Blackwell looks to replace the car, his trusty Corvette deserved to become a museum piece. In that regard, he decided to donate it to the National Corvette Museum in Kentucky.

corvette c5 773338 miles

Some math revealed that Mark Blackwell had to cover more than 100 miles every day and 43,000 miles per year. Obviously, a serious mileage. Especially for a sports car.

LS1 V8 Did It all too well

With 345hp, small block LS1 V8, this was one of the most successful Corvette iterations ever. The car was offered with four-speed automatic or a six-speed manual. Six-speed manual definitely was the one to choose as it granted the ‘Vette C5 acceleration to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds and a top speed of 175 mph.

corvette c5 773338 miles

This particular Corvette saw only regular maintenance, but it had two transmission rebuilds as well. Nevertheless, for a ‘Vette managing to cover three times the distance from Earth to the Moon, that is nothing.

corvette c5 773338 miles

All in all, at this point, the “773,338 miles Corvette C5” resides in the National Corvette Museum in Kentucky. It is a proper tribute to the LS1 and GM quality. Admit it. It’s quite amazing.

corvette c5 773338 miles


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