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This Genius Tried to Drive Around with a License Plate Made from a Pizza Box

Apparently you Can’t Make Your Own License Plate Out of Materials from Your Trash Can

At one time, you could run into the DMV and register your car while getting new plates for about $40 or less.  Apparently, you can do it much cheaper, however, if you just grab a cardboard box out of your garage and Magic Marker your registration codes.  Actually, we don’t recommend doing that since it isn’t exactly legal, but this was the thought process of a Massachusetts resident who decided to actually chicken-scratch their license plate together rather than taking a mandatory trip to the purgatory-like DMV office.

A Massachusetts resident near the Boston area, driving a Buick Century, made a license plate out of a pizza box and markers, writing “MASS 2JY728”.  Even though the driver was representing their assigned vehicle registration numbers and correctly mounted in back in the area where license plates are to be mounted (using the correct dimensions), they still weren’t abiding to all Massachusetts state laws, according to the Hopkinton Police Department.  The Hopkinton Police Department cited the Buick Driver and used their actions as a warning to other Massachusetts drivers on Facebook, by saying:

“Here’s a little advice to those aspiring to make their own license plates…
1. Don’t.
2. But if you do, make sure not to use cardboard from a pizza box and magic markers.
Charges for this creative operator include operating an uninsured and unregistered vehicle and attaching’fake homemade’ plates.”

Apparently, there’s not really any way to get around a dreadful trip to the DMV office where the lines seem to be never-ending.  And the steep fees that are now required for registration and a new metal plate seem to be mandatory as well.  However, most states now allow residents to complete most licensing and registration renewals online these days.  But in all honesty, sometimes submitting all of the necessary paperwork online can be just as dreadful as just going into the DMV office and getting it over with.


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