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This 418-HP 1968 Ford Mustang is All You Could Ever Ask For

Richard Blackman Made His Dream ‘Stang a Reality

Published August 21, 2017

As enthusiasts, it’s essentially required that we have a dream car, and in many cases, that ultimate car we dreamed of as a kid is now considered an old classic. Richard Blackman from San Diego had a few Mustangs come and go in his life until he stumbled upon the ultimate platform for his ideal 1968 Ford Mustang resto-mod build.

Blackman had lived in rural San Diego County, California, for the majority of his life, with the exception of his deployment to South Korea during the Korean War. It was during this time and the years that followed that Blackman thought about what he wanted out of life. His decision was, other than to marry his best friend and become an architect, to restore, bring back to life and drive a classic Mustang.

Blackman and his wife owned a 1970 Mach 1 for many years, which served them well, but always floating around his mind was a 1967 or 1968 Mustang. As an architect, he had always appreciated the lines of the 67-68 Mustangs. Blackman knew what he wanted from the car: something that was just as reliable as it was fun to drive.

When Blackman tracked down a replica GT500 from Maryland, it had been sitting in a garage for 9 years since the owner’s son had ditched it for the Camaro life. In those 9 years, the car had only covered 600 miles, and after many phone conversations, the car found its way over to rural San Diego. Blackman immediately began work on the car with stripping the interior and pulling the engine.

Blackman’s dream was to put a 5.0 Coyote motor into the car, so when he received a phone call from his friend who had a customer with a suitable engine, he jumped at the chance. 95 days later, the engine was dropped and roared to life in the ’68 shell. Thanks to the beefy new motor, Blackman is pushing 418 HP and 383 lb.-ft. of torque. With the help from friends and family, Blackman finished his build and now has the ultimate Fastback Mustang. Even in this classic ride, Blackman and his wife enjoy creature comforts like diamond-tuck patterned seats with red stitching, a Kenwood entertainment system and LED lighting throughout the interior.

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