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This Is Not Your Ordinary 2009 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

Excruciating fight for just a tiny bit more of speed led some of the greatest minds in history to produce and develop machines born for driving fast. Bugatti did it with its cars, Ferrari and Porsche too and a man called Harley Earl from California decided to do the same. He is the one responsible for the creation of the first Corvette. He was responsible for the creation of a car that would in future cement itself as the best on four wheels that the USA can offer(sort of). Fast-forward to more than sixty years since the introduction of the first ‘Vette and we still have it in the GM’s showrooms. Heck, the car never died out and the fight for speed increased quite a bit. Nowadays the Corvette is one of the best platforms for creating ultimate street and racing machines.

One man from Woodstock, Georgia, had the same passion for speed as the gentleman we mentioned above. He didn’t follow the path of creating a whole new car company, or a racing team, but he did use the platform from his and created a spectacular ride currently listed on eBay at 80 grand. This is the 2009 Corvette Z06, it is a 505 HP car, but to showcase the true spirit of ‘Merica and make the most out of it, this particular model had its engine swapped. Well, that’s a bit strange, isn’t it!? The Z06  is one of the most amazing ‘Vettes out there so what for the love of god was the LS7 in it swapped for?

Going all out on modifications, the owner decided to install a racing engine instead of the original one. The tale about this racing engine goes something like this – Lynch Mob Racing RHS 441 engine with Oliver rods and diamond coated pistons. It has special Steve Petty camshafts with T&D Roller Rockers on Mast 305 Black Label heads. New Nick Williams Throttle body was installed and all of that finished with the installation of Vengeance Racing Precision 67/66 turbos. Of course, many other modifications had to be made to make all of this work, but the end result shown on the dyno is no short of spectacular. This monster can kick out 1.419 HP and 1,321 lb.-ft. of torque.

And yes, it sounds great with custom made x pipe and a much smarter exhaust than it actually needs.

All of these details are available on the ebay listing which serves to show you just how passionate was the owner when customizing this car. The engine wasn’t the only part that was updated. Carbon fiber brakes fromfound their place on the car along with a new adjustable coilover setup and anti-roll bars that significantly improve the suspension. When you come down to it, this isn’t only a madly accelerating vehicle, but also a monster with driving characteristics of a successful sports car.

The exceptionally tuned and well-made Corvette Z06 received a host of updates on the interior as well. It is a thoroughly tuned car with luxury unmatched by any other stock Chevrolet. We like it for that (OK, maybe the 1.400 Hp also have something to do with us liking it so much).


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