This Stunning Ferrari GTO was Built in a Rural New Zealand Barn

Who Wants This Stunning Ferrari From Tempero Cars?

Updated September 27, 2018

On a farm in New Zealand, an artisan recreates by hand stunning replicas of some of the most famous racing cars ever, including , and

Rod Tempero specializes in the laborious and painstakingly slow  process of restoring and recreating sports racing cars of the 1950s and 1960s using traditional tools and techniques. His reputation circles the globe, but emanates from a metal barn on a remote farm on the South Island of New Zealand.

Tempero Cars Ferrari 1

Over the years Tempero has constructed exacting recreations of Jaguar D Types and XJ13′s, an DBR2, a 1959  Testarossa, 206 Dino, California Spyder, and P4 Ferraris.

One of Tempero’s most recent creations is a 1962 250 GTO Ferrari for orthopedic surgeon and Ferrari enthusiast John Rietveld. To call it a replica is a severe disservice, as it doesn’t belong alongside any other vehicle that wears that title. Rietveld commissioned the video below to follow the construction process, which took four years to complete.

If you watch just one video today, watch this one and be amazed

Tempero’s first step was to locate Ferrari running gear that’s as close as possible in specification and vintage as that utilized in the original.

Tempero Cars Ferrari 2

Tempero then does research on the particular vehicle he’s building, before drawing a full-scale outline on a blackboard. There’s no further blueprints or drawings, just the occasional glimpse into a reference book.

Tempero Cars Ferrari 3

The car is constructed by Tempero and his two employees using the tools of its era: hammers and mallets, aviation snips and metal breaks, rasps and files, and of course, an English wheel. Welding is a mix of traditional gas and modern wire feed. Only the upholstery and wiring are not completed in Tempero’s shop.

Tempero Cars Ferrari 4

No one is offering up what Tempero charges to build a recreation like this Ferrari GTO, but insiders suggest that customers come prepared to write a check with at least six zeros (not including cents, of course). That’s a drop in the bucket compared to what an actual GTO might sell for.

Tempero Cars Ferrari 5

As there were only 39 GTOs built by Ferrari, they’re extremely valuable – one set the record last year for the most expensive car ever sold at auction at $38.1 million. Over the past few years original GTOs have sold privately in the mid-$30 million range.








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