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To Catch A Dirtbag: Arsonists Lights Up Porsche Cayenne In Toronto Driveway [VIDEO]

Flames from a Porsche Cayenne are not the kind of lights for the holiday season

There are better ways to ring in the New Year than to set someone’s Porsche Cayenne on fire in their driveway. Unfortunately, it seems like nobody told this fool in Toronto who did just that. The owners of the vehicle captured video of the arsonist thanks to a well placed security camera.

Toronto, as with the rest of the province of Ontario in Canada has been in an extreme cold snap. With temperatures hovering between -20C (-4F) and -40C (-40F) for just about a month now. However, there are better ways to keep warm than resorting to arson on someone else’s property.

Watching the video, we see that the suspect sees and approaches the Cayenne in the driveway. After lurking briefly, he smashes the passenger window and then the car goes up in flames. Police identified the accelerant as gasoline which explains the fast build up and spread of the fire. The suspect then fled the scene after setting the blaze in a white four door sedan.

The camera caught the whole scene bu only sees a disguise that the suspect wore. The best look we get is when he approaches the Cayenne and is seen in dark boots, gloves, and jacket. Toronto Police have a little bit more information for a little bit of just desserts. They seem to think that the arsonist is injured after lighting the Porsche on fire due to the speed of the fire’s spread.

Since there is no way to make a clear identification, police are looking for more information. There’s still no arrest since December 29th so they are hoping the public can come forward. Even though the fire is seen being started at 5:15am, someone may have seen something.

Police Looking For Any Leads

Tips can go anonymously to the Toronto Police at 416 808 5500 or Crime Stoppers at 416 222 TIPS (8477) and If you happen to live in the O’Connor Drive and St Clair Avenue East area, have a look and share what you know.

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