Top 11 Most Outrageous RVs Money Can Buy

Money Can’t Buy Class, But It Can Buy The Swankiest RVs On The Wide Open Road.

Updated November 17, 2018

Traveling to all corners of the country in a luxurious RV is a dream for many of us but sadly, only a few of us will ever get to enjoy the experience. It’s true that not many of us can afford the most luxurious machines which will set you back over $3 mill but other factors that one would need to consider are: insurance, maintaining the machine, preparing it for the cold and who can park and drive it. For those of us who can afford both the RV and a driver (or lessons for driving the RV), we searched the web for some of the most luxurious, over the top RVs that will let you travel the country feeling like royalty. From the designer fixtures to the extreme 4×4 vehicles, there is an RV out there for everybody with every need for their home on wheels.

If You Want An Awesome RV – Get One Of These!

Iveco Astra HD8 8×6 Expedition Truck:

 Iveco Astra HD8 8×6 Expedition Truck - Awesome RV     

 The Expedition Truck sources extreme “wheel estate” off the road for professionals and individuals who want the ultimate vehicle for their cross country journeys. While many wouldn’t require the insanity that is this 8×6 diesel monster, there are people out there who have the deep pockets and the expensive taste that goes with it; the taste that inspired the features you will find with this girl.

Iveco Astra HD8 8×6 Expedition Truck

There may be a collection of heavy-duty RVs on the Expedition Truck Brokers’ website available for selection, Iveco Astra HD8 in particular, gets the vote for being the most outrageously pimp RV on the list. Germany-designed and manufactured, the Astra’s chassis is revered widely as a mining and construction industry staple, but it wasn’t until Iveco Astra came along that it considered a weekend getaway vehicle. Some fancy features and highlights besides its huge cabin and efficient living quarters are its multi-climate design which enables it to will handle both the tropical and the frigid environments.


Zetros 2733 A 6wd from Mercedes-Benz :

 Zetros 2733 A 6wd from Mercedes-Benz

The Zetros is an all-wheel drive beast. A 6wd, it is based on a semi, with the cab being behind the engine, and offers amazing traction as well as highly customizable living quarters. She is triple-axled and usually weighs 25-27 tons. While she is a powertrain with a chassis configuration that came from the Actros & Axor work truck series, she also features of a G-Class/Unimog 6wd approach.

The Zetros - Outrageous RVs

This machine is powered via a 7.2l inline 6-cylinder engine; she only puts out approx 326hp, but she generates about 1,000 ft/lbs of torque somewhere between 1,200 and 1,600 RPM. When comparing the gears on the road, the towing capacity’s increased by around 70 percent. When driving her, you will need to begin with its center-axle, before you engage the rear, leaving the front as the last option, for the times that the terrain is most intense.


Classic Sportsmobile 4wd:

 Pimped Out RV


This is the latest beauty in an extensive line of “Adventure Vans;” 4×4s, which have come from Sportsmobile. Following its very successful prototype and test phase, this Classic Sportsmobile 4wd can, at last be bought in the form of a Cutaway-type body design that is molded with a shell which is reinforced with fiberglass. Its integrated penthouse-style top cabin drops straight down into the body of the vehicle for streamline driving.

Classic Sportsmobile 4wd

The Sportsmobile Classic 4×4 was designed to attract the most challenging off-road fanatic taking top notch heavy-duty parts and installing them for the right balance between of best performance off-road and maximum comfort on-road. With over 50 years of experience designing and building van campers, was what led them to this beautiful baby. Production of this girl began late in 2016, with its 4×4 Conversion type which comes packed with a pile of hectic 4wd upgrades. Some of its main features include the high knuckle front end for extra tie rod clearance, Fox 2.0 Shocks, Dana 60 rear axle, a Dynatrac Pro-Roc 60 front axle, and an Advance Adapter Atlas II all Gear Driven transfer case.


The Marathon Snow Coach:

 Marathon Snow Coach


Marathon Coaches are known to be the largest luxury buses in the world and for turning commercial buses into some of the most beautiful RVs anyone would dare imagine. The Marathon Snow Coach is built upon a Prevost H3-45 chassis, engineer-driven tech and the classically unique California interior design such as a travertine “basket weave” floor design, limestone and marble among Italian porcelain tile, even a customized fire place for both setting the mood and providing warmth. Stunning finishing touches such as velvet sofas fitted with chrome nail heads, as well as a stitched leather reclining sofa positioned at a big work desk; you never know when duty may call while you’re on the road. In the cabin, features include Crestron controls, a TechLink electrical system, a walk-in closet, custom-made hammered stainless steel sinks, a hand-held shower wand and an integrated 8-inch rain shower head. This is a true ‘home on the road’.


Bespoke Coach Sprinter Van:

 Coach Sprinter Van - Pimped Out RV


Although not actually an RV, the Bespoke Coachworks made it onto our list for her unique customizations and ability to produce custom video, audio, exterior as well as interior premiere solutions, aimed at celebrities or the like. That’s why the Freightliner and Sprinter Dodge finally began importing the Sprinter van as far back as 2007, they were flooded with requests for personalized versions. From the luxurious offices on wheels, to the pimped out family coaches, featuring entertainment suites and luxurious beds, the Sprinter’s chassis avails a selection of optional extras for whoever may be looking for a swanky though small RV, except without having to deal with all the headaches that come with the full-sized versions.

Coach Sprinter Van

Bespoke Coach’s deluxe office on wheels is genius: by hiring top designers, engineers, and fabricators and incorporating high-tech design and premium materials, the result is a top-notch coach which is both innovative and user-friendly. Some of the best features include a marine-grade circuit breaker, customized upholstery on the ceilings and walls and the partitioned driver wall with a motorized window for privacy. Stock standard features include Samsung TVs, iPads, customizable lighting, power inverters, and a long list of other customizations available; this is one pimped out van.


Earthroamer XV HD:

 Earthroamer XV HD


The highly anticipated Earthroamer XV HD has arrived and she’s even better than we thought. Designed to sleep six but accommodate eight people, she will make off road living easy-peasy for a few days with incredible driving abilities and fantastic amenities. She will give her drivers 46-inch military tires, a compact washer and dryer, 200-gallon fresh water tank, solar panels, a monolithic battery pack and so much more. A 35 foot monster utilizing the Ford 6.7-liter PowerStroke Diesel engine and all 725 pound-feet of torque. This girl is not for the faint at heart.

Earthroamer XV HD Awesome RV

The Winnebago Brave:

Winnebago Brave

There is no question about this RV and the brand has spoken for itself for decades being one of the single most recognizable names in the RV circles. Popular in the 60’s and 70’s for the everyday pilgrim, the Winnebago’s were recognized everywhere they went. Although they struggled to keep up with changing styles and popular tastes in design, the Winnebago Brave has brought the name back with its stylish and clever design, ready to make any RV enthusiast fall for the love of the RV dream again. The Winnebago Brave has taken a classic style and vintage taste and teamed them with the safety, efficiency, and practicality that we ask for in our everyday lives. As far as RVs go, you can snatch one up on a more modest budget and still choose a variety of colors and interiors.

Winnebago Brave Interior

The IKON by Renegade:

 Renegade IKON


She may appear to be a truck from the outside, but the IKON has been fitted with all the luxurious amenities which has made her an industry leader when it comes to RVs. Renegade has taken much time and care to create this beauty. With her quarts counters and hardwood floors, it is easy to see how you can live the high life while you’re traveling. The IKON comes with tech features such as Bose Home Theaters, state of the art cooking appliances, Samsung 4K LED televisions VegaTouch control panels and Apple device capabilities. What this means is that you can change the window coverings, choose your light settings and manage the sound all on one panel. Although these features are fit for celebrities like Kim K, the hook for RV lovers is the IKON’s towing capabilities and capacity to be lived in lavishly for weeks with her massive fuel, septic and water tanks.

IKON Renegade


The Newmar King Aire:

Newmar King Aire

The designers of the Newmar King Aire made her to be the ultimate statement of luxurious travel. This bad girl takes a new look at style, technology, and comfort and then takes those to a new, unseen level. The Newmar King Aire boasts a Spartan tag axle chassis while inside you’ll find the non-slip wireless charging pad, LCD driving display, two control panels, 11 speaker audio system in the cockpit and outward visibility of 360 degrees. The interior is customizable with oak, cherry or maple cabinets, heated leather seats up front, a 50 by 35-inch shower with massaging shower heads and foot sprayers. With all the bells and whistles in the tech department, the Newmar King Aire also comes stocked with a Whirlpool dryer and washer.

Newmar King Aire RV

The Pangea “Perky Mog” by Global X:

 Pangea “Perky Mog” by Global X

This unstoppable force of man can either be built with heavy or with medium duty chassis, with the cab configurations which are customizable to tailor to the buyer’s choosing. Although she’s not a “live in while drive” RV, when in the lifted position, a spacious loft comes to life and can be modified to the buyer’s specifications, holding up to 2 queen size beds. As she is a 4×4 machine with so many customizable options, the is no set price and the building time could… well take time. She is a machine built for the most adventurous of the adventurous, with touches such as easy access from cab to cabin, exterior tool and utility boxes, the clever conversion of seating to sleeping spaces and the large amounts of hidden storage. Not to mention the amazing off-road capabilities, 200-watt solar panels and fresh water tank of 140-gallon capacity, buying her will give you one incredible 4×4 to play with.

Pangea “Perky Mog” by Global X Heavy Duty RV

ShowHauler Motorhomes:

ShowHauler Motorhomes

These beauties are the beloved “safest motor coaches on the road,” with coach frames that utilize a very particular steel, tubular structure, comprising sturdy ceilings, sidewalls, and floors. On the inside, all the window frames are finished with hand-formed hardwood, there are genuine Corian counter-tops, purchase options include hardwood cabinets as well as fabric colors and patterns and either carpets or polished ceramic tile floors.

ShowHauler Motorhomes Interior

The roomy cabin walkway has a 12 gallon electric or gas water heater with a 30,000 BTU gas furnace. Built on a standard truck chassis, which boasts a bigger Gross Vehicle Weight Rating than other motorhomes on the market, the ShowHaulers lets you carry a lot more, which will mean that weight will never be a worry – nor will those highway crosswinds, or the on-coming traffic you might encounter. The underbelly is completely undercoated, block foam has been used between steel sidewall supports before being bonded to the aluminum exterior walls on the frame, no rivets are used in the manufacturing process, the interior walls are reinforced to make a safe structural cage, and adhesive bonding is used to create insulation like a bubble. With all this engineering, you can trust that she is a top of the line, safety tank.



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