Top 6 Life-Size Lego Auto Builds

Surely Every Child’s Dream Is To Own A Full-Size Lego Car?

Updated October 5, 2018

Lego is cool. Admit it.

Then these guys go ahead and make it even cooler by making full, life-size models out of Lego blocks. Now that’s unreal. With Lego growing in popularity as it has since inception, and with technology and innovation increasing in leaps and bounds, full-size models have come out of the woodwork in recent days.

Check out these coolest life-size Lego car builds to date.

6. Ford Explorer

Built specifically for the Driving School at Legoland Florida, this Explorer is built completely out of Lego blocks. It sits at the entrance to Ford’s driving school for 6-12 year-olds. No, they aren’t learning to drive real cars. Just electric cars that max out at 3 miles per hour.

The Explorer took 22 of Ford’s engineers 2,500 hours to build and used 380,000 blocks. Lego should really makes these kits easier for the kids.

Real Lego Car - Ford

5. Volvo XC90

Unveiled at the New York Auto Show, the XC90 shown here is built for the driving school for kids at LegoLand California. This one is life-sized as well, and sits at the entrance as a symbol of both companies’ commitments to safety.

Life Size Lego Car - Volvo XC90

4. Lightning McQueen

The most age-appropriate Lego build on the list is the Cars 2 replica of Lightning McQueen. Built by the master builders at Lego, McQueen took over 2,000 to build and uses 325,000 blocks. Its total weight? Over 3 tons. That’s a lot of plastic!

Full Size Lego Car - Lightning McQueen

3. Ferrari Formula 1

Edging Lightning McQueen out solely on coolness factor, ‘s Formula 1 replica actually has room for a “driver” to sit in the cockpit. The intricate details down to the complicated F1 steering wheel are all built out of Lego, as it the whole car minus the Pirelli tires. Ferrari’s actual F1 engineering team assembled the full-size life-like model on their own ahead of the 2011 F1 season opener in Melbourne as a promotion of their partnership with Shell.

Life Size Lego Car - Ferrari F1

2. Porsche 911

Here’s where the list gets more interesting… The and Lego teams got together to build this OPERATIONAL half-Lego, half-Porsche full-size car. Literally half the body of the 911 RSR LMP1 is built out of the plastic blocks, and the car actually drives. A driver wouldn’t boot it, though, as the rough edges of the Lego would tear up the tires, or the tires would tear down the car. Not sure what would happen first. It took their engineers a combined 700 hours of assembly, and approximately 400,000 Lego blocks.

Life Size Lego Car - Porsche 1 Life Size Lego Car - Porsche 2

1. Lego Hotrod

This hotrod takes the title, due in part to the fully operational Lego engine, and also due to the builders being independent from large corporations. And they are kids. Well, barely adults.

The car was built using funding from a Twitter plea by two friends who have sent a Lego rocket into orbit already. After fundraising, they used enormous cranial capacity to assemble four compressed air-powered rotary engines out of Lego, along with the slick-looking black and yellow hotrod chassis. The engine has 256 pistons that power the car to 17 miles per hour. It’s far from fast, but no one wants to risk destroying a masterpiece built out of Lego either.

Real Lego Car - Lego Hot Rod

The car, called the Super Awesome Micro Project, is the winner of best Lego car build. Good job boys. Have a popsicle.




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