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Top Secret’s One of a Kind V12 Supra For Sale in January

A truly unique Supra from one of the most well known tuning houses

It feels like forever since the last time we got information regarding an updated Toyota Supra. When the auto maker gets around to it, we don’t even know if it will keep the name. The Tokyo Motor Show makes the most sense for new info but that’s come and gone. The Detroit Auto Show is the next best place but Toyota is not showing a new Supra there either. In the mean time, we need to look for models from its heyday. Most notable is this 1994 V12 Supra built by the founder of Top Secret.

90s Supra Way Ahead of the Tuning Scene of the Day

This unique beast is coming to the Japan Auto Salon auction block in January 2017. The gold 1994 model is sleek and simple in its external design but that hides some great power. The stock 3L inline six is out and its place under the hood is filled by a 5L V12. As if the backing of a twin turbo isn’t enough, it also feeds on nitrous injection. The end result is an amazing 930 horsepower and 745 pound feet of torque hitting the pavement. The base engine that all of this power comes from is that of a Toyota Century, a luxury sedan.

The Founding of Top Secret and Testing the Supra

Top Secret founder, Kazuhiko ‘Smokey’ Nagata earned his nickname through tire smoking warmups before runs. While working for Trust, owner of the GReddy tuning house, he begins working at night for side projects. Engineering parts for his own builds as well as those of others really shows his passion. Not wanting to lose him, his employer allows him to continue moonlighting as long as it was kept on the down low.

Enter the very accurate name of the tuning company he founds before building this gold Supra. To truly put his work to the test, Nagata takes it to Italy’s Nardo Test Track. It’s here that the car proves its worth by topping out at 222.59mph, challenging high end super cars.

At the moment, there are no details on the starting price this Top Secret Supra will be marked with. There’s also little more than speculation as to what it might fetch on the auction block. We’ll be watching the Japan Auto Salon closely to see what this piece of tuning history pulls in and where it goes.

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