Toyota GT86 + Ferrari 458 Italia engine = Gumout GT4586

Yes, you read that right. A Toyota GT86 drift machine swapped out with a Ferrari 458 V8. “Why?” You ask. Why take an engine out of a Ferrari, and put it into a Toyota?

The world of the engine swap doesn’t have to make sense. People do it because they can. Why climb Everest? Why experience all the discomfort, danger, exhaustion and risk of death when you can just sit in a comfortable lodge ten miles away with a nice warm cup of cocoa and just look at it?

Well you, my friends, and I are the ones sitting in that nice warm lodge, and Ryan Tuerck is the man standing on top of the world screaming “F**K YEAH!”

This is Gumout GT4586, his insane GT86 that he has somehow managed to cram a Ferrari V8 into. It has lit up the internet like a wildfire, with hits on the videos in the 20 million zone now. It’s one of the hottest topics at SEMA this year, and by now you should be starting to understand.

We won’t go into the significant amount of mechanical wizardy involved in shoehorning this awkwardly-shaped engine into a space built for a 2.0L four-cylinder boxer engine, but you can glean some idea from those twin exhausts poking out of either side of the front of the car, and the fact that the engine sits so high up in the bay they’ve so far neglected to try and cover it with a hood, although apparently that is forthcoming.

So far, we’ve seen the flame-spitting creation fired up and literally drifting in circles around another Ferrari 458, and it’s little secret that the Gumout GT4586 is going to be making regular appearances at drift events next year, and we can’t wait to see it in action!

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