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Toyota Sienna Obliterates 10 Race-Prepped Muscle and Sports Cars

10. 2013 Dodge Viper GTS

The fact that One Lap of America lasts for the entire week, and is being driven across different tracks means that there’s often diverse weather involved in the mix. That’s exactly what helped Stanton and his minivan to beat the serpent. Viper’s rear-wheel power and dry tires didn’t really stick well with wet surface, while Sienna’s Bridgestones thrived in such condition. All in all, 640-horsepower V10 beast was unable to cope with Sienna’s traction and Stanton’s cornering ability, so it came in behind.



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Nikola Potrebić
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Despite driving a piece of junk, Nikola still manages to survive the harrowing experience called "A road trip in a Yugo," day in, day out. On the other hand, precious few things move him as muscle cars do. Especially those from the bygone golden era, which makes him wonder why wasn't he born a few decades earlier? Well, at least he's been given the opportunity to enjoy the likes of the Pontiak Aztek, Chrysler PT Cruiser, Fiat Multipla, and other lovely millennials, right? Come to think of it, I'll stick with my Yugo. Thank you very much.

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