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Check Out This Bizarre 1996 Triumph Speed Triple “FC2” Custom!

This 1996 Triumph Speed Triple Custom Defies Conventional Symmetry!

If you prefer your motorcycles to adhere to the basic rules of symmetry, then look away now because this crazy 1996 is likely to offend your sensibilities. Dubbed the “FC2” in honor of its builder, Ferruccio Codutti, this bizarre Triumph Speed Triple defies the usual principles of motorcycle design. Or to put it in less eloquent terminology: it’s a two-faced bastard that refuses to play by the rules. And that’s pretty wild.

The Two-Faced “FC2” Triumph Speed Triple Custom

We get to see a lot of weird and bizarre customs, but this is something else. The FC2’s designer, Ferruccio Codutti, has taken a whole different approach to motorcycle design. Rather than stick with one design and nice, symmetrical lines, he’s decided to go one way with the bike’s right hand side, and another with the left. If you’re a fan of beautifully executed sheet metal work, then consider this a real treat…because it’s fair to say that Mr. Codutti knows how to handle a hammer.

Let’s start with the right hand side of this two-faced machine. As you can see, we’ve got a naked style motorcycle with the internals all nicely exposed, with the engine tucked nicely underneath a subtle trellis frame. While there are plenty of nice, subtle details to look at, we want to focus your attention to the exhaust system, from the flowing pipes that work their way around the engine, to the rather comical conical exhausts…Quite frankly, it’s all a bit strange – but it makes a nice change to the usual custom fair that’s often splattered over social media.

On the left hand side, our brave designer has created more of a futuristic look that really put his sheet metal working skills to the test. We don’t want to know how many man hours went into fabricating the bodywork – that includes the top fairings, the lower portion and belly pan, the exquisite front fender, and that rear guard that majestically holds onto the chain guard at the same time.

Sadly, most of the information that surrounds this bike is in Italian, and no matter what Google thinks, their translation software just ain’t good enough to really give us the full details. So for the time being, we’ll have to content ourselves with these images, and the name of the FC2’s creator: Ferruccio Codutti. Remember the name, because we’re hoping to dig up some more of his stuff and show them off to you in the near future!



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