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Usain Bolt + Nissan GTR= Excitement, Shifted.

Updated October 16, 2012

Recently automaker Nissan felt the need to spice things up a bit by inviting a well known athlete to join their ranks of fast technology. The World’s Fastest Man, Usain Bolt has not only become a part of the Nissan crew, but been dubbed the new

So as I mentioned before, the directors at Nissan wanted to add a little more kick to an otherwise great vehicular campaign, and in doing so requested the name, and embodiment of a one Usain Bolt. With Usain Bolt still riding high off of his wins at this year, someone at Nissan felt that this man would make a pretty good fit for what they needed. An interview was had with Mr. Bolt, and it was understood that Usain has loved everything that is racing. Between running fast all his life, and then idolizing Ferrari’s, , and the new GTR, Usain Bolt is the epitome of all things fast. This is what Nissan was looking, to add to the . Not to say that the GTR really needs any extra help, or anything but why not do something kind of hot straight from the factory.



With a solid mission in hand, Usain Bolt was brought to s where he was given full access to a brand new It was speculated that his eyes lit up like a boy on Christmas morning. After the drooling session ended, the real business began. Talks began about what kind of accents would be given to the new GTR. The first thing that came to mind was a one of kind paint job, and then from that point forward, all bets were off. The new Usain Bolt designed is sporting a bright High Gloss Gold paint job, standard Dark Gray accents on the lower skirt trims, and wheels, and then kicker will be some unnamed interior pieces made of actual 24k Gold. After the car’s completion, it will be auctioned off on Ebay later on this month for the , which is an organization that benefits urban youths from Usain’s home country of Jamaica.

In the coming month’s Nissan will be calling upon Mr. Bolt for some more inspiration on a limited edition version of the GTR. The name for these models haven’t discussed as of yet, but calling them 2013 Nissan GTR Spec UB doesn’t sound half bad. Nissan’s newly dubbed, was all a tizzy with his brand new title, and has plans on being a solid part of the Nissan brand. Usain was quoted saying, “Racing is my inspiration, and I want to help Nissan become an even more exciting brand for everyone.” There’s nothing, but good things coming to Nissan, in this aspect, and we as avid fans of the brand can’t wait to see what they come up with next.





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