Viral “Motorcycle Road Rage Video” Texan Driver Gets 15 Years!

Road rage against motorcycle drivers

Updated August 20, 2018

Remember that viral road rage video from 2015 that saw a Texan motorist intentionally swerved into a motorcyclist? Well, he’s finally going to jail. And for a long time too.

Motorcycle Road Rage Video 1

Back in 2015, William Sam Crum, aged 69, from Hood County, Texas, was arrested after a video emerged of his reckless driving went viral. It wasn’t so much “reckless driving” – it was more like attempted murder. The video, filmed by another motorcyclist, clearly showed Crum using his car as a deadly weapon, as he swerved into the path of an overtaking . The collision caused the motorcyclist and his pillion to crash.

Motorcycle Road Rage Video 2

The victims, rider Eric Sanders (37), and pillion Debra Simpson (38), suffered brutal injuries and a stay at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort Worth – but fortunately, nothing life threatening. In the immediate aftermath of the incident, Crum was heard saying “I don’t care,” when asked about the injuries he’d caused, or the use of his vehicle as a deadly weapon.

The Motorcycle Road Rage Video – Part 1

That rather damning quote had hampered his legal defenses efforts in the courtroom. A day after his , Crum showed his leg to investigators and explained that the accident happened because a spider had bitten him in the leg, causing him to “momentarily lose control” of his car. He added that the accident was actually the fault of the motorcyclist, Eric Sanders – Crum came to this conclusion by insisting that the accident wouldn’t have happened if Sanders had obeyed the road rules, and didn’t attempt an overtake in a no-pass zone.

So, we’ve got spider bites, bad riders, and a no pass zone? Ok then. (I’m no legal professional, but I’d say that was a pretty weak defense – especially after saying “I don’t care” on camera!)

The Motorcycle Road Rage Video – Part 2

William Sam Crum went to trial at the 355th District Court in Hood County, and despite his top-notch spider story, the court found him guilty of two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Later this week, Crum will be transferred to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, where he’ll be serving 15 years for his crimes.


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