Jesse James Selling Historical Hermann Göring’s WWII Volkswagen Beetle for $525,000

Updated March 18, 2017

There are plethora of attributes one can describe Jesse James with. Bodyguard for Slayer, Danzig, and Soundgarden, TV personality, bike builder, Paul Teutul’s arch nemesis, Sandra Bullock’s ex (cheating) husband, occasional nazi cosplayer, puppy killer, staunch Trump supporter, etc. The list goes on and on which testifies in James’s hyperactivity’s favor. Like him or not, when it comes to custom rides and historical vehicles, he’s the man to call upon.

And just a few days ago, an eBay listing with Jesse James-owned 1944 Volkswagen Beetle caused ruckus on the web. has subsequently been removed, but not before our keen eye caught glimpse of the Beetle in question. Asking for $525,000 for a Volkswagen Beetle that doesn’t appear to be in concours state tends to raise some questions, you know. Apparently, this Beetle was, once upon a time, owned by none other than Nazi Germany’s second most powerful man – inferior only to the führer. I’m talking about the former WWI ace, commander of the infamous Luftwaffe and founder of even more dreaded Gestapo. Ladies and gentlemen – the one and only Hermann Göring.

Now, Jesse James’s overly priced Beetle probably wasn’t actually owned by the fat man himself. It was one of 20 such cars delivered to the Luftwaffe officers in 1944, you see. However, as one of the very few wartime-production surviving examples of the iconic Beetle, it still is one rather prized possession. Especially if you have a “thing” for the nazi’s like our man Jesse here.

This example is the all-wheel drive Typ 82 E Kommandeurwagen with the chassis number of 5-033568. It rolled off the assembly line on February 8, 1944 and went straight to the Göring’s Luftwaffe offices. It was basically a Kübelwagen chassis (sort of a nazi Willys MB) with a Beetle’s body upon it. Stronger engine, transmission, knobbly tires and portal rear axle were all courtesy of the Typ 166 Schwimmwagen amphibious vehicle. Only 669 such versatile Kommandeurwagens were likely produced in total. Before the allies destroyed most of Volkswagen’s facilities toward the end of the war, that is. When Brits took over after the war, they made a handful additional models in order to utilize the leftover parts. Those few post-war models can be recognized by a front roller instead of a bumper.

Whether this was one of Jesse James’s marketing stunts or a real deal, will likely be known soon when/if he decides to revive the listing. Until then, we can only imagine ourselves cruising the streets in this overly priced Volkswagen Beetle, wearing one of those stylish Hugo Boss-designed Feldmarschall uniforms. Or not!

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