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Volkswagen: Ducati Is Definitely Not For Sale

The Volkswagen Group Have Ceased Pursuing A Potential Ducati Sale

Even though Volkswagen has already made it quite clear that Ducati is not for sale, rumors are still being circulated that they’re accepting new offers. There’s nothing wrong with a good rumor, and at the beginning of the summer is was great fun to speculate on who would be , or which firms would be the best at taking control of one of our favorite Italian manufacturers. Possible offers from made for interesting talking points, and more realistic proposals from the likes of Indian giant Bajaj caused some fiery debate. However, after a vote from the Volkswagen Group’s supervisory board voted against the sale, the rumor mill should have ground to a halt. But it didn’t.

Ducati Will Not Be Sold To Anyone

Even though Volkswagen’s labor unions fiercely opposed the sale of Ducati, a move which made any potential sale impossible, rumors still persisted that Ducati was going to be bought by this company, or by that investment group. The most recent rumor that people are still wrongly getting excited about is that Eicher Motors, the parent company of , are moments away from signing a deal that would allow them to acquire the Ducati name. That’s just not true. And if you were in any doubt, Ducati boss Claudio Domenicali, and Audi CEO Rupert Stadler, have confirmed that the Volkswagen Group have formally ceased pursuit of divesting Ducati.

Two major players in the game have insisted that Ducati is not for sale. The labor unions, who hold 50% of the seats on Volkswagen’s supervisory board voted against the sale of Ducati. And now, Evercore Partners, an investment company that is helping Volkswagen recover from and streamline their finances have now actively stopped searching for potential buyers for the Ducati brand. In short: Ducati are staying with Volkswagen, and we’ll say no more about it – so enough of the rumors…for now at least.

Unless you know a company that has a spare €1.5 billion, has a known track record for managing successful motorcycle brands, and that can successfully charm an entire German labor union, it’s time to put the story to bed once and for all. The money and the work experience isn’t an issue… it’s the “charming an entire German labor union” that seems like the most unlikely thing to happen here.


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