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Volvo Introduces Voice Controlled Vehicles With Microsoft Technology

Volvo will start introducing voice controlled vehicles to the market this spring that are remotely controlled by wireless devices. This capability is possible due to Hololens technology that has been developed by the Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft and Volvo have partnered to develop this concept into a reality that will be available in a few months. This feature will require Volvo on Call services that will be available in select markets. The market currently includes the US, UK, Poland, Russia, Canada, China, Sweden, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Brazil.

This new technology allows the automobile to recognize voice commands and perform a wide variety of functions. The operator of the Volvo can talk to the car via a Microsoft Brand 2 wrist worn device. You can tell the car to lock or unlock the doors, turn on the heater, start the engine, sound the horn, or flash the lights. The navigation system is also available through this new technology. You can have addresses sent to the Volvo and they will be incorporated into the GPS system. You can then activate the GPS feature and receive turn by turn directions when you are on the way to that location.

This video demonstrates some of the above mentioned features that this new technology will facilitate at this point. The capabilities will probably expand with future development to incorporate more features. This technology definitely takes the concept of remote start, key-less entry, and GPS navigation to a whole new level.



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