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Watch Marc Marquez Ride His RC213V Up A Ski Slope!

What happens when a MotoGP World Champion takes his Honda RC213V up a steep ski slope? Well, you get an awesome video like this, that’s what. Say what you like about Marc Marquez: you can be a die-hard Rossi fan, you can be a permanent citizen of Lorenzo-land, but you have to admit that Marquez has talent. And if you’ve seen any of his other PR videos, like enduro riding with Dani Pedrosa, or flat tracking like a racing god, you’ll know that he’s pretty handy in any category of two wheeled motorsport. But have you ever seen him swap his slicks for spikes and shoot up a mountain? Now’s your chance.

Marquez and his Honda RC213V headed to the Austian Kitzbühel Alps to takle the Hahnenkamm ski slope. If you know your skiing, then you’ll know that the Hahnenkamm race is one of the toughest legs of the Skiing World Cup, and it was exactly that reason that took our young champion to the legendary course.

Austrian Ice Speedway regular gave the MotoGP World Champion a bit of help by installing Marc’s special ice spikes for him…and when all was said and done, Marquez became the first person ever to ride up the Kitzbühel Alps on a premier class machine. Here’s what he had to say: “The piste was really well prepared. I could really get going and I had a great feeling out there. The grip was unbelievable, even for a wheelie!”

There have been a few naysayers out there who think the stunt is a little boring – and yes, riding up a steep slope might not be viewed as the hardest thing in the world…but not on a race bike. There have also been a few commenters who think that the RC213V is not quite what it seems, and that it might be a two-stroke engine wearing racing livery… Having spent a lot of time next to MotoGP bikes, yeah the sound might seem off, but that’s probably more down to odd video sound compression, or just different editing. I want to believe it’s a real thing…however, Marquez once fooled the world in the past by supposedly doing a mental flip on his bike, and that turned out to be nothing more than trickery. But come on, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt here!


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