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How To Go 0-60 In Half A Second On A Homemade WATER Powered Trike!

Get your hose out, because you’re going to want to build your own water powered trike.

If you’ve ever wondered how fast a water powered trike could go, then this is the video for you. Frenchman François Gissy has built himself a seriously powerful trike that has managed to clock an incredible 0 – 62 mph time of 0.55 seconds, reaching an incredible top speed of 162 mph in 1/8th of a mile. And what miracle fuel has he used to power his invention? Why, rainwater, of course.

The Water Powered Trike!

You’ve probably heard of François Gissy and his exploits before. He’s the guy that once managed to beat a with a rocket powered bicycle that managed to hit a frightening top speed of 207 mph. This time, our favorite mad scientist has built himself even stranger: a three wheeled trike that runs on water. In an interview with the brilliant Road & Track website, the Frenchman explained his decision to build his bizarre water powered trike: “I live in France, third-world country of motorsports. That’s why I am stuck with such cheap projects—they are not even close to one percent of what I would like to build.”

In an ideal world, François would like to build a supersonic rocket dragster in an attempt to break the sound barrier – but since he’s without massive financial backing, he decided to set his sights a little lower. Rather than calling in favors from aerospace engineering companies or booking time at the local wind tunner, François decided to put together a high-performance machine from whatever he could find lying around. In this instance, we’ve got a motorcycle front fork, the rear wheels of a go-kart, and a specially made carbon fiber wrapped aluminum tank. And inside that tank? 35 gallons of water held under 6000 psi of pressure.

And once that pressure gets released…? Well, you’ll have to watch the videos to find out. Spoiler alert though: it goes pretty damn fast. So, if you’re looking for something to do with that old set of front suspension that you’ve got in the garage, or need to find a use for that old tank that’s sitting idle in the workshop, you know exactly what to do. Build yourself a super-fast, water powered trike, that’s what.


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