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What options do I have for new cars under 15000?

Getting ready to purchase is a new frontier for most and can be a very exciting and sometimes stressful endeavor. Knowing your limitations for payments is your first step to finding your new car. Let us say your limitation allows you to search for new cars under 15000 dollars. It is important to gather all your factors before you step foot on the dealership. New cars under 15000 dollars means you will have around a 350 dollar payment on a 48 month term with 6% interest and 0 down payment. Your payment will be around 290 dollars if that payment is extended to 60 months. Second when looking for new cars under 15000 dollars is if you have a car that you would like to trade in. If this is the case you will save much more money if you can sell your car locally. Selling your car private takes more work but sometimes doing so can fetch up to 2000 dollars or so more than what a dealership will offer you.

What do I if I have a car that needs to go?

It is important that you do not preconceive a notion of what your old car is worth because it will be up to whoever is buying to be the final judge of your cars value and dealerships are always going to lowball you offers since they are there to make profit on your transaction. If privately selling your old car is not an option than be aware that they play with numbers at the dealership to make your trade value look far better than it actually is.  If you do not have a trade-in or it has already been sold than the next step on finding your new cars under 15000 dollars is checking your credit score. If you have stellar credit than you will have no problem receiving their advertised low APR rate which can save you a substantial amount over the term of your loan. If you do not have stellar credit than you may check for cash back bonuses on the vehicles you are considering lessening the amount of the overall purchase. The market for new cars under 15000 dollars is big and very competitive and you may actually get a better deal if you hold out for a model year closeout. If the new car hasn’t had a drastic model change in 4 to 5 years than you may get a very good deal on your car if the new re-styled car will soon be on its way. Having more knowledge than the dealer will get you a better deal every time so take the time to research before you step foot onto the dealership. New salespersons are usually very eager just to sell a car that they are not worried about holding value thus making it easier for you to battle on the price.

I dread salesman, how do I get through them and into new cars under 15000?

New salespersons are usually less knowledgeable about the products so take the time to know about the car and not rely on their knowledge. Established salespersons are usually less annoying in general but they are wise in the way of dealing or they wouldn’t be there. When dealing for your new cars under 15000 dollars take the time to find two or three dealerships that have very similar cars at similar prices and make contact with a sales person at all three and have them compete for your business and see what perks their dealership can do to make you the best deal. Some can offer you a lifetime power-train warranty that can save you thousands of dollars for the life of your car. These are just some tips to help you find the best new cars for under 15000 dollars.

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