Worst Mods Ever For Your Lifted Chevy Truck

Chevy Truck Mods That You Should Never Do

Updated November 20, 2018

There’s nothing finer than a tastefully done, lifted truck. Unfortunately, many owners go too far. They modify their trucks with every bolt-on accessory from the parts catalog. Don’t be one of those people – stay away from these unsightly mods.

10 Mods You Should Never Do To A Lifted Chevy Truck

Truck Nutz

Truck Nutz Are Awful Chevy Truck Mods

Nothing says class like a pair of testicles dangling from your truck’s bumper. The effect is intensified when the truck is lifted, putting the nutz right at eye level for other drivers. Do you want to pick your kids up from school, or visit your mom with balls dragging behind your rig? Hopefully, the answer is no.


Confederate Flag

Confederate Flags On Chevy Truck

We get it – you’re a Skoal-chewing, camo-wearing, bad boy. But advertising it with your truck is obnoxious. Confederate flags – whether in the bed of your truck or the rear window – are one or the most redneck (and unsightly) truck mods around.


Big Lift, Little Tires

Lifted Chevy With Small Wheels

If you can’t afford to buy a lift and tires at the same time – don’t buy either. Driving around with a big lift kit and tiny tires, makes your truck look like it’s on stilts. And it makes you look like you’ve got a Kardashian-level IQ.



Smoke Stacks On A Chevrolet

Smokestacks prove you don’t care about other drivers, or the environment. Blowing black smoke from your truck isn’t cool, it’s selfish. Pedestrians, other motorists, and wildlife shouldn’t be forced to breathe particulate matter. Don’t be surprised if a Prius driver flips you the bird (and rightfully so) when soot is billowing from your smokestack.


Huge Wheels

Huge Wheels

Big tires look great on a truck. Big wheels? Not so much. Donk-sized wheels are a clear indication that your truck was built for the strip mall, not the trail. So, save those 30-inch rims for an Escalade.


Fake Hood Scoop

Fake Hood Scoop - Chevy Truck Modifications To Avoid

That scoop looks great – until you look under the hood. Then it’s clear your truck’s scoop is as fake as your orange spray tan. If you’re going to get a hood scoop, or cowl induction hood, spend a couple extra bucks for one that actually works.


Stick & Peel Chrome Trim

Stick & Peel Chrome Trim

There’s no easier way to cheapen your truck’s appearance than stick and peel chrome. You can put it on your fenders, door sills – everywhere. But just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.



Tailgate Murals

A topless babe airbrushed onto your Chevy’s tailgate doesn’t enhance its appearance.  What it does do, is turn an otherwise fine machine into a rolling eyesore. Think about it – have you ever seen a mural that actually made a truck look better? Didn’t think so.


Underbody LED Lights

Underbody LED Lights

Underbody lights make your truck look like a rolling nightclub, not an aggressive, off-road machine. Instead of spending your money on lighting suited to a DJ booth, save it for something functional, like a winch or new set of tires. You know, stuff that actually improves off-road performance.


Extremely Loud Exhausts

Extremely Loud Exhausts

Everyone can appreciate a nice rumble. But when your Chevy’s exhaust pumps out more decibels than a Metallica concert, there’s a problem. As Chevy truck modifications go, this one is usually the most hated.

Remember: Less Is Always More

When in doubt, leave it stock. A modest lift with some meaty tires gives your truck an aggressive look that isn’t over the top. Too many modifications make your truck a rolling joke. So, if you’re tempted to order “one of everything” from the Summit Catalog, resist the urge. And remember – less is more.

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