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Would You Booby Trap Your Bike With Shotgun Shells?

This guy seems to think that it’s a good idea – and with motorcycle theft on the rise, perhaps a little extra fire power is Now, this bizarre but strangely appealing Kickstarter campaign doesn’t use live ammunition to keep thieves at bay, it uses blanks to create what the developers claim to be the “world’s loudest bike alarm.” It’s called the “Bike Mine” and it’s currently waiting for your funding on . (Link to video at the bottom!)

In essence, it’s just a device that causes a loud bang to throw any potential thieves into a panic. It uses a spring loaded firing pin, mounted to a bracket, that “fires” as soon as its grenade style pin is released or disturbed. The technology isn’t dissimilar to already existing alarm mines used by farmers and game keepers, but it’s the first time we’ve seen such a device employed on a motorcycle.

I think if I were to move a motorcycle and hear a gunshot, I’d be scared enough to down my tools and run away. Then again, there are a few drawbacks to the whole thing: if the thief knows that the device is fitted, it might be possible for them to disable it. Also, let’s not forget that are pretty well prepared – if they plan to stick it in the back of a truck and drive away, then they might just work quicker than usual. If they want to ride it away (and if they’re sensible) they’ll probably be wearing a helmet already, which might dampen the sound…although, probably not.

We guess it’s the inventor’s intention to use this device in conjunction with a decent chain, and other security devices… The blank alerts you and disorientates the thief, giving you time to confront them. I’m still not sure if it’s a good idea – scaring the sh*t out of a bike thief does sound wonderful though. Then there’s the issue of gunshot noises going off in the neighborhood, potentially leading to emergency service calls and the like, taxing and already over stretched system… And of course, we’d be foolish not to mention that some owners may misuse this little device, using live cartridges instead… Which also sounds tempting…No one’s going to miss a bike thief, right?

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