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Would You Buy Mr. Bean’s McLaren F1 for $12 Million?

Published June 10, 2015

Don’t forget, this particular has been crashed twice…

Rowan Atkinson, known best for his role as Mr. Bean, has reportedly sold his prized McLaren for $12.2 million US. The 18 year-old car was purchased back in 1997 by Atkinson new and the un-named purchaser is only the second owner. It is one of only 64 street legal F1’s produced.

Exotic car retailers Taylor & Crawley brokered the transaction, which garnered a large margin of profit for Mr. Bean. The F1 was purchased for just shy of $1 million in 1997, and at a sale price of $12.2 mil, Rowan Atkinson can afford to buy a lot more tweed jackets.

The McLaren has been in the limelight in the past, twice. The first time, in 1999, Rowan rear-ended a compact car causing extensive damage to the front end of his hypercar. Who cares what happened to the compact car. Repairs were completed and the car was like new again. The second time was more devastating; much, much more devastating.

In 2011. Rowan lost control of the deep purple McLaren F1 when traversing wet roads. He slid off the road and collided with trees, effectively removing the rear end of the car from the front. The rear-mounted 627 hp engine wound up 60 feet from the wreckage.
Due to its extraordinary value, insurance repaired the car instead of declaring it a total loss. Repairs were around the $1.4 million mark, completed by McLaren itself, and effectively the car was returned to new condition. McLaren even threw in a few upgrades that no other F1’s have, making Atkinson’s car even more special.



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