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WTF Were They Thinking? Vol.2 Russia Rocks!!

What’s going on everyone out there, and thank you for joining me on another funny, and head scratching episode of, Like always, I’m bringing you hits from all over the globe, that highlight, and profile many different attributes of the human thought process. In the following videos we see, some scary moments, some funny moments, and everything else that falls under the sun. So, sit up straight, keep your hand on the mouse, (for quick replay) and don’t drink anything while your watching. (So you don;t spray the screen.) So let’s get going.


Our first hit comes from the great roads of the Ukraine  and it just seems like s just don’t give a sh!t about what happens to their cars, let alone how it happens. In this scenario, a driver and passenger are driving in a beat up Lada Riva, down a road, when they come up to an intersection, and the WTF were they Thinking moment comes into play after the incident takes place.



Next up we find ourselves, (You guessed it!!) in Russia where some dip shit decides to overtake a truck, on a wet & slippery road, loses control, and almost buys the farm. Oddly enough the comes from the guy who just saw his life flash before his eyes, as he escapes death.



For our third installment of idiotic lunacy, we come across an over confident man who misinterprets his 2011 Porsche Cayenne for a REAL SUV. Now don’t get me wrong, the Porsche Cayenne is a cool looking vehicle, but it’s nothing more than a tall Panamera, which shouldn’t go near any bodies of water. This guy’s comes in when he decides to try to plow through some standing water.



Now before I get into the next video, let me just say this. I’m not picking on Russia by any means, but the drivers in Russia just seem to want their fifteen minutes of fame by crashing, smashing, and doing their best to kill each other on the roads. (That was my disclaimer) This next WTF were they Thinking moment comes from Russia, where a driver who decides that it’s better to walk away from a situation while the getting is good.



Like I mentioned earlier folks, I don’t have any personal beefs with Russia, or anything, it’s just that when I come across random acts of foolishness, 80% of them are all from Russian drivers. Now trust, and believe that we Americans can FUBAR a situation at the drop of a dime, but it seems to look better when the cars are crappier, smaller, and the drivers just seem to think that they’re impervious to anything. It is what it is folks, but rest assured that more great hits will coming your way again soon. Keep reading, keep watching, and please leave comments, ideas, and anything else you want to share with me. (Don’t forget to Like us Facebook, and share this G+.) Later.


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