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The Yamaha Cross Hub Pickup Truck Concept – Designed Specifically For Motorcyclists!

The Yamaha Cross Hub Pickup Is Probably The Coolest Little Truck We’ve Seen!

Updated August 24, 2018

Looking for the perfect ride to transport your motorcycles? This is the Cross Hub concept pickup truck, and it’s designed especially for moving your bikes from A to B. If you weren’t impressed by Yamaha’s bizarre FZ-09 powered Niken trike thing, then perhaps this might excite you instead. It’s called the Yamaha Cross Hub concept, and if the pictures didn’t give it away, it’s a small pickup truck designed for one purpose and one purpose only: to transport your motorcycles with ease. It’s only a concept, but unlike many renderings that you see doing the rounds, this is a genuine Yamaha truck concept and it was recently displayed at the Tokyo Motor Show.

The Yamaha Cross Hub Pickup Concept

Yamaha Cross Hub Pickup Concept 3

While we definitely prefer our Yamahas with two wheels, we’ll make an exception for this cool Yamaha truck concept. It might not look like much, but the Yamaha Cross Hub could be the solution to a lot of rider’s problems, providing that it would be priced appropriately (if it were a real thing, that is). It’s not a big truck geared up for looking mean or scrambling up dry river beds – it’s a small little thing that’s designed to be as small and unassuming as possible. It’s very Japanese in that respect. But what it lacks in size, it makes up for in usefulness.

Yamaha Cross Hub Pickup Concept 2

According to Yamaha, the Cross Hub is capable of carrying two motorcycles in the bed – and though we’re not convinced that two full size bikes will actually fit in there, we’d like to believe a proper production model would comfortably be able to transport two motorcycles. But while it can only transport two motorcycles, it can transport three human beings. Up front, we have a rather cool triangular seating arrangement, with a driver sitting in the middle at the front, with two passenger seats flanking them on either side. It’s very similar to the F1 arrangement – which shouldn’t come as a surprise when you learn that Yamaha has collaborated with McLaren F1 designer Gordon Murray in the past on projects like the .

Yamaha Cross Hub Pickup Concept 1

So we’ve got a small but decent sized bed, an interesting cab that can transport three people, and a cool urban aesthetic. It looks the part, but we don’t know what Yamaha plan to power it with, and they didn’t gives us any performance specs… But it’s only a concept, so it doesn’t really matter at this stage of the game. However, we think that Yamaha would do well to release something like this in the near future – providing that it actually does fit two motorcycles in the bed though…


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