Yamaha News: New Colors And New 2017 R1M Orders Being Taken!

Yamaha’s 2017 R1M Open For Business!

Updated August 14, 2018

It’s all systems go for the industry’s top manufacturers – Cologne’s INTERMOT show is just around the corner, and Milan’s EICMA is not too far off. Thanks to these huge events, the latest news from the top brands is starting to filter through, and will no doubt end in an avalanche as the days roll by. First up, have made some cool stylistic changes to their 2017 line up, in the form of some interesting and exciting color schemes. If you’re just here for news about the 2017 R1M, then skip down to the bottom!

Yamaha R1 M News 1

Yamaha are kicking off their 2017 range with new colors for the R1, which will now come with “Tech Black” as an available option, along with “Race Blu” but with updated graphics. The YZF-125 will also come with “Tech Black,” an all new “Radical Red” and the already existing “Race Blue” – again, with the new graphics.

Yamaha R1 M News 2

The FZ range will be getting some cool new colors too, including the FZ-07’s all new “Tech Black,” “Yamaha Blue,” and “Competition White” colors, as well as the existing “Night Fluo.”

Yamaha R1 M News 3

The rest of Yamaha’s range, such as the Super Tenere, XV950R, and XSR900 models will all get a dose of “Tech Black,” while the rest of the colors will remain the same from last year.

Yamaha R1 M News 4

The real important news though, is about the 2017 R1M, which will be available for purchase through Yamaha’s exclusive online ordering system, from Tuesday, October 11. Yamaha’s R1M is a real top-of-the-line machine that has been designed and built to mimic the MotoGP YZR-M1 of Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo as closely as possible. Despite its incredible lineage, it’s not the track day or privateer favorite we all thought it was going to be – but perhaps things will change from October 11th onwards?

Yamaha R1 M News 5

Since the 2017 R1M is Yamaha’s most exclusive product, it’s not actually that easy to get your hands on one. If you’re in the market, you’ll have to fill in an online application, and Yamaha will decide if you’re worthy enough to receive one of the limited production numbers. If Yamaha think that you’re not up to the task, you ain’t getting one.

Yamaha R1 M News 6

The 2017 R1M is powered by a four cylinder 998cc Crossplane, with a claimed 200 hp, and comes with a carbon fiber body and Yamaha’s range topping electronics suite. With a 1:1 power to weight ratio, it really is a bike that’s best for track day professionals and privateer times. With a tagline that reads: “[The R1M] blurs the line between a factory superbike and a MotoGP bike,” it’s one hell of a machine, and it’s not really targeted at mere mortals like us.

Yamaha R1 M News 7

However, if you’ve got the cash and a resume impressive enough to get the green light from Yamaha, you can grab an R1M in the iconic silver-blue race livery, and get instant access to the Yamaha Racing Experience, should you happen to be in Europe. The Yamaha Racing Experience is overseen by the industry’s top professionals, who’ll teach you how to make the most of your purchase…

Yamaha R1 M News 8

“The busy program will include machine set-up workshops and pre-ride briefings that are designed to help R1M customers to understand, use and benefit from the bike’s advanced systems. Following the technical briefings, all riders will be able to exploit the R1M’s sophisticated electronics during a number of on track sessions overseen by current and former racing stars.

“Throughout the day all riders will have access to Yamaha Racing experts to discuss any technical queries, and personnel from the tire, suspension and race wear industries will also be on hand to advise.”

And the price? Pff. We’ll have to wait and see. Probably one of those: “If you have to ask, then you can’t afford it,” scenarios…


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