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Yamaha Yard Built: JvB-moto’s 2015 VMAX Custom

In a recent article, we introduced the 2015 Yamaha VMAX Carbon, a celebration of the VMAX’s thirty year anniversary and an updated take on the renowned machine. We also mentioned something about the Yard Built specials that will hopefully be available later on this year. Well, we’ve had our first look at one: the Yamaha Yard Built VMAX Custom by JvB-moto. It’s a radical departure from the VMAX as we know it, but it’s pretty amazing.

If you’re not familiar with the Yamaha Yard Built specials, then here’s the run down: Yamaha commissions bike builders to transform their stock machines and showcase what a factory Yamaha can become. It’s a really cool idea. Once the build is completed, the builders are offered the chance to produce and manufacture aftermarket kits for the home customization market.

And if I had a standard VMAX, I would buy this kit.

The anniversary special challenge was taken by the German based outfit JvB-moto, headed up by Jens vom Brauck. JvB-moto are used to dealing with Ducatis and as you can see from their offering, this Yard Built VMAX is quite a departure from the original form. It’s called the Infrared, and it’s mean.

Typically, the VMAX is viewed as a heavy drag-style machine but looking at these images, you wouldn’t guess that the 1697cc and 690-pound Yamaha was the donor bike. The Infrared looks like a sports machine. Kicking out 174hp and 113 lb per ft of torque, you can see that despite its new look, it still holds onto its dragster roots.

For the build, JbV-moto used a liberal amount of carbon fiber, including a new tank cover, air intake scoops, wheel covers, tail unit and headlight fairing. To keep the weight down, they also introduced some aluminum fenders to the mix and under-seat fuel tank as well as a finely crafted aluminum subframe.

On top of that the exhaust system has been heavily modified to accommodate a 4-1 collector and Termignoni muffler.

With a neat set of clip on handlebars and a simple yet effective rev-counter display, the Infrared is the ultimate departure from the VMAX but in the nicest possible way. All in all, it’s an elegant machine that wouldn’t look out of place on the track. It might look a bit more like a modern café racer than a classic dragster but the two ideas have married together quite nicely and created something exceptional. Simply put: it works.


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