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Yamaha’s Third Wheel: The 03GEN Concept

Details are still scarce but one thing is for sure: Yamaha are still very interested in the three wheeled scooter market.

Following on from their European release, the Tricity, Yamaha have unveiled two new three wheeled concept models, featuring the Leaning Multi Wheel dynamic front suspension and the single rear wheel configuration. It’s unusual, for sure but it may be the future.

What began as the Tesseract quadricycle back in 2007 quickly evolved into the Yamaha Tricity by 2014, a fresh approach to the modern scooter; with a downsized engine and three wheels instead of four, Yamaha had hopes that the new three-wheel configuration would attract a wider selection of urban riders. While the whole project is still only in its infancy, Yamaha have recently released two new concept models, the 03GEN-F and the 03GEN-X. Not only have Yamaha cut one wheel from the equation but it seems like they’re dividing the family further, with a street version and an all-terrain model.

As you can see, the GEN-F had been built for the road and has wholeheartedly accepted the Yamaha ‘future racing’ mantle. It’s features include a futuristic, streamlined body, radial tires upon 17 inch sports wheels and that incredible three disc brake system. It’s a very strange fruit, that’s for sure. Many critics have been concerned with the overall control and handling ability of the dual front tire configuration but as each tire boasts its own set of telescopic forks, the riding style will remain unchanged. They work together with incredible symmetry, allowing you to lean and carve to your hearts content.

The 03GEN-X looks more like an assault vehicle when compared with the sleek finish of the 03GEN-F. It’s clearly designed with off-road and ‘cross’ in mind, with a sturdier frame, spoked wheels and fierce, knobbly tires. It also comes with enough disc brake to bring you to a stop and a very Sci-Fi inspired headlight too, carved with an ‘X’, just in case you forget which model that you’re looking at. How will it handle off-road? We’ll have to wait and see. When you think off ‘three-wheels’ and ‘off-road’ you’d usually think of a side car. And Ural this ain’t.

As for engine specification, all we have to go on are these images, for the time being at least. Hopefully, Yamaha will swap the 125cc for something with a little more ‘oomph’ but then again, opting for a larger engine does alienate the small engine, urban crowd. And these are concerns that we can have later on in the development – at present, it’s only a concept. So anything could happen.


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